The Extended Leadership Team

Team Leaders

Primary 1 (in Red Bubble)

Cardiff, Swansea, Richmond, Pembroke and Conway

Liz Wiltshire

Primary 2 (in Green Bubble)

Balmoral and Skipton

Amy Murray

Secondary 1 (in Green Bubble)

Tiverton, Colchester, Dover and Pendragon

Emma Bryant

Secondary 2 (in Blue Bubble)

Chillingham, Windsor, Oxford, Totnes and The Hive

Rachel Wragg

Post-16 (in Orange Bubble)

Plympton, Wallingford, Flint and Dunnotar

Hannah Daniell
Subject Co-ordinators
English and Communication

Terri Madle

Maths Kieron Fisher
PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) Hayley O'Donnell