The key aim for World of Work is to increase our students’ opportunities to find meaningful paid employment, either full or part-time. Work experience can be a great route into employment and we are very focused on exposing students to a range of options that they could pursue when they leave school. Where possible we try to work with students to make their transition as smooth as possible.

Supported Apprenticeships are an amazing outcome for our students, enabling them to move into work while still training and continuing with functional skills qualifications.

Career progression is important, and we work with employers to enable our students to progress when they move into work, for example taking on additional responsibilities, longer hours or job promotion.

Students may also progress to further education, accessing various courses at local colleges.


Summer 2023 Leavers

All our leavers (14 students) have gone on to further education courses. 13 have gone to Newbury College and 1 has gone to Sparsholt College. There are no NEET students.