What is P4PC?

Once a term, at the Castle school, volunteers from every class in Primary, Secondary and Post-16 attend a "Pupils for Positive Change" (P4PC) meeting.  Prior to these meetings each class is given a topic for discussion. As the school is rewriting their "Small Steps Towards Independence" skills document  we asked our pupils to help by making suggestions as to what they think is important for them to be able to be independent at school, home and in the future.  At the meeting I realised that the classes had discussed in depth their needs for life skills.  Ideas put forward included: Household skills-washing, ironing, washing-up, using the dishwasher, making beds, cleaning. Cooking meals, health and fitness.  Personal hygiene, dressing and undressing.  Using the telephone, making an emergency call.  Money skills, paying the bills, using a cash machine. First aid. Road safety.  Reading timetables for travelling on public transport.  Internet safety and job interviews.  Finally a vote was passed by the pupils to use the title "Life Skills" instead of P.S.H.E (Personal, Social, Health Education)  because as one pupil remarked  "They are skills for our life"  Amazing!! - Roses Parfitt (Teaching Assistant and Staff Governor)