Harvest Festival @ St Mary's

Enjoying Harvest Festival at St. Mary's Church, Shaw

What a fabulous and joyous occasion our Harvest Festival was.

The whole of the school including Post-16 and nursery had their annual Harvest Festival at St Mary's Church. The church had been decorated with flowers to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the church and schools from the diocese to include The Castle made flowers for the church. Our display was entitled 'Our Colourful Island Home' and wow, believe me, it was colourful. We had so many compliments and were immensely proud of our display. The service was entirely run by the children and young people and included singing, readings, poems and prayers. We sang in true 'Castle' style and the choir as usual kept us in tune. The service concluded with Reverend Marion saying a prayer and blessing.

Special thanks to everyone for making it such a wonderful festival and to Ali Watkinson for her usual calm head and amazing musical accompaniments .