Key Stage 3's Wonderful Week

What a wonderful week! Sunshine, achievements, bagfuls of courage and determination, supporting others and team work!  And the best people to comment on it are the pupils themselves. Here are some quotes:

"I liked doing the abseiling because it was amazing. I was literally so nervous but Isabelle helped me" - Neah

"I enjoyed abseiling because I got to help my friend and make my friend happy" - Isabelle

"The archery was great because I got to shoot real arrows. I hit the target, yellow, red, blue and black" - Duncan

"I liked going down the wall. I had fun with Ellie and Josie at bowling" - Kai

"Abseiling was the  best because it was the 1st time I had got to go down a wall. I got to go down 3 times" - Ryan

"I almost got a strike and I liked helping Angus" - James

"I was happy. I was good at arrows [archery]" - Oliver


KS3 did us all proud and themselves. I feel extremely lucky to work with such committed staff and such wonderful pupils who through themselves into anything.

Emma Bryant - Key Stage 3 Leader