Wonderful Windsor

On Thursday 10th May, Skipton Class had the honour of being invited to represent The Castle School at The Royal Windsor Horse Show. The theme for the show this year was musicals and we decided upon 'Oliver', with William being Oliver and Jack 'The Artful Dodger'. The rest of Skipton dressed up too, to include all the teachers and the ladies and gentleman from RDA too.

We had a rather frantic journey there, but made it just on time! William and Jack looked very professional as they paraded around the arena on 'Belle' and 'Murphy'. The two boys were presented with their rosette in which they were very proud and the rest of the class were kindly given a rosette too. We then enjoyed our DEAR time at the ring-side and Emily was super impressed, we had a picnic lunch there too, before travelling home. Thank you especially to Glynis and the parents for sourcing and muddying up the amazing costumes. We did look fabulous, thank you too to RDA and the organisers of the event for another happy day. Here's to next year, we wonder what the theme will be?