This term's wonderful Art

All pupils have completed various projects all to do with our topic of "To Infinity and Beyond."  Primary House explored different textures and materials to create moons, aliens, spaceships and even alien hats with googly eyes. They particularly liked exploring the playdough to create moon prints! Key stage 3 pupils looked at different techniques to create moons using shaving foam and paint, buttons and foil, and finally using newspaper and mod roc to create their very own lunarscape!  Key stage 4 pupils researched aliens using the internet and books etc, and used this knowledge to design an alien.  They then drew the front and back view of their alien and finally using a wire armature and mod roc they were able to follow their design to create their very own alien!  Some of the students made an outer space backdrop to highlight their lunarscapes and aliens.  Post-16 used different materials to decorate a variety of recyclable items to create their very own life-size alien!  They then made a moon for their alien to stand on and a backdrop with stars and planets. Check out the picture below to see what talent our students have!