Outer Space arrives at The Castle!

This week we had the wonders of space brought to life at The Castle. A huge inflatable planetarium dome was put up in the secondary hall and our pupils had sessions throughout the day experiencing amazing space-related activities. Here is some of the feedback that was collected by Alfie, one of our older students:

Did you like the experience?

Henry  said "It made me feel very happy because of all the planets. It's very good. I would like to do it all again but something different in the dome."

Aiden  said "I liked it completely, as much as London and back here. At first I was nervous, but then I went in and saw it, it was beautiful."

Charlie  said "It was good, it was full of stars."

Harry said "I liked Saturn. Its rings are famous. It's a lovely planet."

Harvey said "I learned about Neptune."

Louise said "I saw lots of stars."

Everyone had a great day.