Windsor's World of Books

Since January, Windsor class have been working hard on a collaborative book project with Newbury Library. Chenoa, a children's librarian, gave us a selection of Book Trust books to keep at school and review. Chenoa read the stories to us at the library, and then we took them back to school and explored them as sensory stories. We chose our favourite books and communicated this by eye pointing, finger pointing, speech, Makaton, or speech. Chenoa gave us lots of activities to go with the books, and we especially enjoyed designing and decorating cakes, and making our own monsters. We then came back to the library to give our work to Chenoa.  Our work is displayed at the front of Newbury library. Windsor class were excited to see our work on display when we visited this week. If you would like to visit Newbury library, and see the display, it will be up until the start of the Easter Holidays. We hope you enjoy looking at our work. Chenoa was impressed with the range of sensory experiences that we had enjoyed, and how we had adapted the books to be enjoyed by our whole class. We all had different favourite books, but our most popular book was the Perfect Present. We love working with Newbury Library and hope to make Book Trust books an annual project. Thank you to Chenoa for helping us with our project, for listening to us and for always making us so welcome in the library.