Castle "Bake Off"

On Friday we were working in groups looking up different recipes, looking for healthy pizzas. "I found a recipe for pizza pepperoni rolls, I thought it would look good. It was really hard to find" said Wilson. Jackie had invited us to a bake off challenge against parents. We then wrote a shopping list for Jackie for the ingredients, we were allowed to spend £15. Today was the day of the bake off! "We made freshly cooked pizzas for the 3 categories; best looking, healthiest and tastiest" Said Oliver. We then took our pizzas over to Castle Gate, to be judged by Jon, James and Hannah. "We did really well" said Archie. "We won 2 of the categories" said Oliver. Rose one of the parents commented "That was awesome today!" One of the students Cody had the idea that next time we host a cafe for parents offering cupcakes and teas. So watch this space. We hope more of you would come and join us for this, it was so wonderful to see the students and parents going head to head on this challenge. I know Tiverton Class certainly gained a lot from the experience.