Castle visit Castle!

We walked all the way to Donnington Castle on Wednesday afternoon. We did a hard challenge activity finding parts of the castle.

Dylan F said, ‘he liked finding all the things on the sheet. He thought it was interesting.’

We looked for materials like wood brick and plastic to see if they were on the castle. Wilson said they used stone because it could be found in the ground.

Tyler didn’t think glass was in the windows because it hadn’t been invented. There were birds’ nests in them and wood boarding them up. Wilson wanted to find out when glass was invented and how it was made.

Oliver said, ‘I could see the gates of the castle. They were metal and strong.’

Dylan M could see his house and told his mum he knew it was his house because it had four trees.

Cody said, ‘I liked looking at the trees.

One had been blown down in the wind. I could see Newbury Racecourse.’

Liam enjoyed playing Manhunt at the end of the trip.

Ashrith liked looking at the photos and talking about them when we got back to school.

We are looking forward to visiting Newbury town centre and Shaw House.


Written and typed by the students of Tiverton and Dover Class.