Castle School make Food Bank Delivery

Representatives of P4PC delivered the produce collected on our Harvest day to the Food Bank at Greenham on Monday. The food bank were very grateful for the food items. The donations weighed a total of 80.1kg which is the equivalent of 168 meals! Whilst there, the students had a tour of the food bank and were shown how the produce is sorted, stored and packed up for delivery. The students were able to sort the produce we bought with us. Oliver was very excited that he was able to use a skill we had been working on in class: checking the dates on food items. The students had to check the dates and sort into years, as well as out of date food. The students worked extremely hard. In the future we plan to book a regular session for our Secondary 1 GO afternoon to support at the food bank. 


Thank you again for your donations. 168 meals will mean a huge amount to a lot of families in our area.