All aboard!!

On Monday Colchester Class went on a train trip to Reading. It was amazing, we had lots of fun and we are thankful for it. We took 2 trains. One to get to Reading and one to get back to Newbury. It was the same train! We had a guest come in from Try a Train for our trip. She gave us a workshop in the morning on things we may need to bring for a train trip, and how to be safe at a train station! This came in very handy when one of Colchester staff decided to test our knowledge on station safety by standing over the yellow line – we reminded them that they needed to stay behind the yellow lines unless boarding a train. We were extremely lucky to have a very kind train driver who let us have a look around the cab of the train. It was fantastic being able to see where the driver sits and operates the train. When we finished our first journey at Reading we took a picture in front of the train and asked the driver if he would like to get in with us, and we thanked him for letting us look around. While at Reading we had an explore of the station before we headed back to school. When asked about the trip, some of our responses were:


“It was really exciting”

“It was great and I really enjoyed it”

“I really liked it, it was my first time getting the train to Reading”

“I liked it when we went to see the front”

“The train ride was spectacular”

“It was perfect”