Welcome Back

A warm welcome back to everyone for the start of the final term of this academic year. We have a few things going on this term, which is nice after such a challenging and different 2 years. On Tuesday 14th June, we will be having our Jubilee Celebration event for the whole school. We are all very much looking forward to this event where all staff and students can gather together for a real celebration, with fun, music and activities. We also have other events such as sports days, which is great. There will also be trips out for many classes. Also, please remember that the photographer will be in on Friday 17th June. It is a long time since we have had the photographer in and many of you, I know, will be keen on purchasing photos. More details will be sent out.

This is quite a short term and the last day of term will be Friday 15th July

I wish everyone a happy and productive term.