Hydrotherapy pool fundraising

The revitalisation of the hydrotherapy pool project has been awarded  double matched funding from Greenham Trust on Friday 24th July for 24 hours only. This is great because for every £1 donnated on that day the Trust will match with £2 enabling us to triple the funding for this project.

The aim of the project is to revitalise the current hydrotherapy pool which is used by the children with special needs and physical disabilities at the Castle School. The current hydrotherapy pool is functional but it has a limited number of lights and sensory stimulation. The idea is to update the hydrotherapy area with new lights, sparkling clouds, twinkling stars, twirling mirror ball, ducks that change colour, a new music system and use LED and laser projectors to help create a wonderful stimulating environment for the children which would make such a positive difference in their lives. If you are interested in donating to this fantastic project please visit    

https://app.thegoodexchange.com/project/17911/friends-of-castle-school/revitalisation-of-the-hydrotherapy-pool and hit the donate button!

We very much appreciate your support.