Easter Newsletter and update

As we enter the Easter Holidays, I thought I would give you a brief update on our situation.

We continue to remain closed as a school and are continuing to offer a very limited childcare provision for children of key workers and those with CIN plans where at all possible, similar to schools up and down the country. This will continue the same after Easter until such time as we are advised to do otherwise by government and our local authority. I will send out another update towards the end of the holidays to outline any changes that may take place. Thank you for your continued support and understanding in this difficult time.

As for class news, we would normally send out class newsletters at this time of year, but due to the current circumstances this has not been possible. Instead, I have compiled a whole-school newsletter which has some lovely bits from all our class teams. You can read it by clicking below. Please enjoy and have a relaxing and safe Easter Holidays.