Scooter Board Success!

On Monday 11th November, we went to Brookfields school to play in a Scooter board tournament.  There were 5 teams, 2 from Brookfields, 2 from Addington & 1 from Castle.

In our team we had 6 players, Josh, Hakim, Ethan, Sam, Sean & Maddie. Ethan played in goal in every match and we had 4 players on the court with one reserve which we swapped in. We played as a team and played so well we got through to the final against one of Brookfields teams.

The match lasts for 6 minutes. After this time we were 0-0 so we played another 2 minutes and still it was 0-0. This meant we had to go to a penalty shootout!! Ethan was amazing in goal and saved Brookfields first shot so it was 1-0 to us, 2-0 to us and then Brookfields scored to take it to 2-1. Ethan even managed to save one of Brookfields shots with the middle of his face causing his glasses to fly off, but Ethan just carried on!! The atmosphere in the room was intense now. Averil, Jac & Vicky were on the edge of their seats!! The final score 3-1 to us!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!


Written by Maddie