The science of Colours!

On Thursday the 19th September pupils from Secondary 1 had a full day of science experiments to introduce the topic of Colour. This included exploring and hands on learning getting messy and observing materials changing. In the words of Layna from Dover “It was good. I love Science”. Each teacher hosted a marvellous science spectacular. Kurt from Colchester was exited to say “I changed the colour of light!” followed by Alex G who said “It’s like I have made a Kaleidoscope” The pupils from Pendragon class were full of gasps as they entered the room full of shadows and lights, one stating “Wow, shadows, wow, lights”. Sam from Tiverton said “I am a true scientist now, I hope we have another day”

A HUGE thank you to all the teachers who planned these wonderful experiments and to all the staff who supported the classes as they moved around the various activities. Here are some more pictures: