Den Building @ Greenham

Skipton, the master-builders have been Den-Building at Greenham Common. The creations were entirely the children's ideas, the team-work was sensational, as were the problem-solving skills. The children had to think carefully about the initial framework and then about the length of branches needed to fill all the gaps. They enjoyed eating their snacks in the woods and simply being outdoors. Great Work Guys!

Jo Davis (Skipton Class Teacher)

Here are the comments for the website from the children:

Joe: I found it fun and we are worked together, our dens were amazing.

Dante: It's all about teamwork, showing what we can do.

Alex: It's teamwork and building

Bobbi: It was amazing, we were teamwork

Ethan: It was so much fun, I love to do it again and again!

Connor: We made buildings and dens. I liked it!

Christian: We all worked together and made the best of dens.

Harvey: We worked hard, it was hot work!

Amber: I enjoyed being out in the woods

Katie: I love all the sticks!