Snow Forecast for tonight

As you may be aware, significant snow has been forecast for tonight across the South of the UK. There is still an element of uncertainty about exactly where it will fall, but a yellow warning from the Met Office is in place, with an amber warning just to the west of us.

I will of course, endeavour to keep the school open. However, my primary focus will always be on the health and safety of pupils and staff. As such, if I am unable to open the school tomorrow then I will make this decision as early as possible.

The decision to close the school is always a difficult one and will always be based on multiple factors. As I have said, the safety of our pupils and staff is at the top of this and will guide any decision I make.

If I have to close the school I will alert you via the school text system. I will also put any closure on the website and put a message out on the local radio stations, which include:

BBC Berkshire
The Breeze
Heart FM
Newbury Sound

Obviously, I hope that we do not have to close, but I want you to be as well informed as possible.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding,

Jon Hewitt