Values & Ethos (Mission, Aims & Vision)

Our Vision

We want all our pupils to thrive, prosper and be as independent and inter-dependent as possible in their lives, whatever they choose to do. At The Castle School we want to discover and nurture our pupils' talents and equip them with the skills needed to achieve this.

At The Castle School we demand the best in all aspects of learning and will challenge everyone to deliver an unrivalled experience for all our pupils.

We will ensure that we have the best teachers, best teaching assistants, best support assistants, best lunchtime supervisors and best support staff in order to guarantee that all children who come to The Castle School have an experience that is first class and will allow them to develop into well-rounded, skilled and capable individuals. Throughout their education they will be challenged and supported to develop their skills and understanding.

We will endeavour to have the best training programme possible for all our staff to enable then to develop the best practices possible.

At The Castle School we believe that all children deserve all the opportunities to enable them to shine. We believe that all children should be given the right skills to enable them to participate fully in their local community and beyond. We believe that all children should be able to have a successful and fulfilling life in paid employment.

To ensure this, at The Castle School we are able to offer all the support that a child will need in order to achieve their goals.

At The Castle School we:

  • Have small classes with high staffing ratios
  • Focus on personalised and individual needs of our pupils
  • Have a highly specialised and qualified staff team
  • Provide high quality learning experiences
  • Provide opportunities for all children to experience the community safely and successfully
  • Make use of the outdoors to deliver quality outdoor education.
  • Raise pupil self-esteem and confidence and promote a children’s rights agenda
  • Work in a multi-professional way to ensure that speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and other professionals are involved in the personalised education of each pupil
  • Use our expertise to help get all our pupils “ready for life” to enable them to be successful in the outside world
  • Have extensive facilities including a hydrotherapy pool, sensory rooms, sensory gardens, music gardens, wheelchair swing, basket swings, climbing frames, trim trail, beautiful grounds all in a secure and safe environment

If you would like to have a chat about any aspect of the school or would like to visit please don’t hesitate to contact Jon Hewitt, Headteacher on the school number 01635 42976.