Both the Castle School and Brookfields School are involved in providing consultancy services to mainstream West Berkshire schools – both primary and secondary. The Castle School deals with referrals from schools in the western side of the authority. The service is known as the Specialist Inclusion Support Service (SISS)

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The purpose of the Consultancy is to support pupils with special educational needs in their mainstream settings in order to assist inclusion.

Support May Include:

  • Support for individual pupils offering advice regarding          
    • The learning environment
    • Differentiation of curriculum materials
    • Resources
    • Assessment
    • Behaviour management 
  • Professional development sessions for staff
    • e.g.  P levels, IEP writing, SCRIP online inset (ASD and Communication) 
  • Professional development for mainstream staff via visits to a special school to observe strategies 

The referral process is clearly outlined in the West Berkshire Service Level Agreement which should be available in all schools or from the SEN department at West Berkshire Council.

In order to access the service a referral form needs to be completed and returned to either The Castle School, Brookfields School or the SEN department. Please click below to download the referral form:

Referal Form

The referral is then discussed at fortnightly SISS Panel meetings which consist of representatives from the Local Authority, the Special Needs Support Team and the SISS.

Possible Responses may be:

  1. Agreement for SISS to be involved
  2. Referral to another service e.g. Advisory teacher for pupils with ASD

Initial Visit

If the referral is directed to SISS, the school will receive a phone call confirming that the Consultancy will be involved and agreeing a date for the initial visit. This will be followed by a letter outlining

  • The need for the referring school to notify parents and
  • Allow appropriate staff to be available for the visit
  • Paper work, such as statements, recent professionals’ reports, school reports and assessment results need to be available so that the consultant can establish a detailed picture of the pupil’s needs.

The findings of the initial visit will be discussed at the SISS panel meeting.

After the initial visit, a consultant will be allocated who has experience in the specific area of special needs (e.g. Downs Syndrome) and subsequent visits will be arranged to establish targets for the intervention.

Targets will be reviewed regularly and should be related to pupil progress.

Regular meetings will be held to give consultants an opportunity to feedback progress, receive advice and discuss any concerns. This information will be reported to the Panel at the fortnightly meetings.

The main purpose of the visits is to provide advice and if appropriate, resources for staff working with the pupil and is time limited.

Please click here to read the full Partnership Agreement for SISS