QCF Assessment Centre

The assessment centre currently offers 2 training qualifications, which are work related, and competence based. They reflect the skills and knowledge needed to complete your job effectively and they are designed to show your competence in your job role. QCF stands for Qualification Credit Framework, and learners gain credits for each module through work based assessments and knowledge based tasks, linked to the National Occupational Standards. The QCF’s are developed by OCR and are a professional qualification. The assessment centre is a highly professional centre that works to high standards and is managed by Hannah Avery.

The Qualifications are:

Level 2 Certificate in supporting teaching and learning in schools

This qualification is suitable for support assistants, working in classrooms. There are specific units to support both children and adults in the classroom. These include health and safety, child development and schools as organisations.

Level 3 Advanced diploma in specialist support for teaching and learning in schools

This is the qualification that you need to become a qualified teacher assistant, and covers all the above areas in much more depth as well as specialist units in chosen areas such as SEN, Literacy and Numeracy. You will need to show us that you are proactive, can use your initiative, and need to be actively involved in planning, delivering and assessing/giving feedback on activities with the children. By the end of this qualification you should be confident in your work to be able to take over if the teacher is called out or absent, and be able to lead and support your class team.

The centre offers qualifications for staff in our school who wish to further their understanding of working with young people and to help them in looking at promotion within The Castle School.