Lunches and School Uniform


Our school lunches are provided by ISS - a company selected by West Berkshire.

Menus are sent home every 6 weeks so that parents/carers may see what is likely to be available on particular days.

The company is able to provide specialised meals e.g. gluten free etc and there is always a vegetarian option.

We would ask that parents/carers send in the money at the beginning of each week. If a pupil is absent, the money is refunded.

Pupils are able to select their lunch with the help of classroom staff at the beginning of each day - many classes use photos or symbols to help pupils in this selection.


Uniform is worn by all pupils up until the end of year 11.

Pupils in key stages 1 and 2 wear a burgundy sweatshirt with white polo shirt. Pupils in key stages 3 and 4 wear a blue sweatshirt with white polo shirt.

Uniform can be purchased from Trutex in Newbury. You can either pop into the shop, which can be found at the Kennet Centre in Newbury or phone them on 01635 38285 or go to thier website by clicking

Uniform is not required in years 12, 13 or 14